We are a group of private companies committed to maintaining the population's health through our Comprehensive Health Model. This model includes prevention, risk identification and management, disease control, and care.

The success of our Health Model has allowed us to expand to multiple countries, partnering locally with entities that help us understand the culture and needs of the population. This enables us to adapt our services to the specific realities of each region along the entire healthcare and well-being value chain, making us unique in the world. We are present in Colombia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Peru, Venezuela, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Today, millions of people worldwide trust their health and well-being in our hands. That is why our companies work as a team, striving for excellence, growth, commitment, and efficiency. We address healthcare, social, and community aspects through our greatest asset, our talented human resources. In addition, we continuously reflect our cultural identity through compassion, reciprocity, justice, respect, and solidarity.